Client Services

Summary Of Specialization

Martin/Alexander was established in 1997 with the vision of providing excellence in professional recruiting services for the Electronic Security / Fire Life-Safety & Building Controls Industries.  The name “Martin/Alexander” comes from Robert M. Biller’s sons middle names (Robert Martin Biller III & Riley Alexander Biller). The President of the firm, Robert M. Biller, has spent his entire professional career in the Electronic Security / Fire Life-Safety Industry in management positions for both Sales, Operations and General Management. This industry experience has given the company an excellent foundation to fully understand what Martin/Alexander’s clients are looking for and to identify the best suited candidates for their open positions. Every associate at Martin/Alexander has held a position within the Electronic Security / Fire Life-Safety or Controls fields so we continue to have excellent industry understanding company wide.

Specialized in Electronic Security / Fire Life-Safety recruitment

Martin/Alexander specializes in professional recruitment for all areas in the Electronic Security / Fire Life-Safety Industries to include: Executive Management, Area General Managers, Operations Managers, Regional and Local Sales Managers (Construction/Owner Direct), Project Managers, Project Engineers, Application Engineers, Systems Sales Representatives, Service Sales Representatives, Field Service/Install Technicians and Service Managers. The firm prides itself in using active recruiting processes and doesn’t rely on databases or internet websites.

Creative Partnerships and Alliances with Clients

Martin/Alexander is regularly asked to take a more involved role in the interviewing process once the candidates are chosen to be interviewed. At a regional level, we are asked to be a part of the interviewing team at the branch offices. We have traveled in place of the Regional Managers and helped conduct the interviews or conducted in depth telephone interviews based on client pre-approved questions. This happens when scheduling conflicts arise or geographically, it’s convenient for all parties.

Martin/Alexander takes great pride in being the number one recruiting firm in the Electronic Security / Fire Life-Safety Industry. Integrity, professionalism and results are what separate and distinguish Martin/Alexander from other firms. Please contact a Martin/Alexander associate at the corporate office for any additional information at 720-552-5558.

Why Martin/Alexander?

As the leader in executive search, we are highly committed to serving our client’s interests. Our top priority is forging long term relationships with clients and candidates, and for several years we have helped businesses in our industry build thriving, high-performance management and sales teams.

We are a recruitment firm with a reputation for successful and impacting search completions for all positions. Our access to the market’s best talent and our ability to recruit these individuals is unparalleled. Our associates are the best in the industry.

Martin/Alexander has long been a proponent of the value of people. People who can add significantly to the value of an organization. People who can capture the imagination of the marketplace, unleash ideas and energy in the people around them, and win the trust and confidence of investors and the organization. It is people, after all, who shape and grow strategy, capital, products and brand, and all the elements that constitute the entity we think of each time the word “company” is used. Invest time and care in selecting the firm that will assist you in selecting talented individuals. It is one of the best investments any company can make. A qualified, experienced and objective third party identifies and evaluates the appropriate talent for your organization. Often the need for confidentiality is high enough that companies are limited in their ability to source or approach candidates on their own. A recruitment firm can maintain discretion within the client organization and the outside market.

Searches are often conducted at times of duress or change, so drawing upon Martin/Alexander’s demonstrated capability and experience of placing top-tier people can significantly reduce a company’s risk when embarking on a critical search. We will ask and help companies work through the tough questions regarding the structure and reporting relationships of the open position, the priorities of the company, and the level and type of candidate the company realistically hopes to attract.

Without a recruitment firm present, a company may not be successful in bringing to the surface issues and disagreements as to the ideal candidate. Worse, when candidates come for an interview, they may perceive differences in these individual expectations, which may cause them to withdraw as a candidate.

Martin/Alexander provides a mechanism to interview and in-depthly assess candidates, while helping to absorb internal and external sensitivities and “political” pressures.

We handle all interviewing and scheduling logistics, and manage client and candidate concerns throughout the process. We conduct professional referencing, which often leads to more candid responses providing a complete and balanced description of the candidate. Assistance in negotiating the offer results in an equitable agreement for both parties with the final candidate of choice. A professionally directed search provides a much better chance of success for finding and recruiting the best long-term “fit”for an organization.