Martin / Alexander


Q. What size of companies does your firm recruit for? small, regional, multi-national?

  A. We recruit for alsizes of organizations. Our clients consist of International, Regional, Large and Small Local Companies. 

Q. How can I confidentially submit a resume

  A. Candidates may submit their resume directly to the President of Martin / Alexander, Steve Rooney - - We take confidentiality seriously. We have been in the industry for over 20 years and trust is key to our values.  When emailing a resume, please be sure to include a quality subject line i.e Miami, Fl Security Technician Seeking New Opportunity and some additional information in the body of the email about where you are located and the type of position you are seeking.  Brief and to the point is fine. Please do not send an email with no additional information and nothing but a resume. 

Q. What is the best step for Martin / Alexander to better understand my company's needs?

 A. Let's schedule a call. As the President of the company, I will personally take your call and learn more about your specific needs, explain the process and how we conduct a search and ask that you share details about your needs. 

Q. Candidates - how do fees work?

 A. The hiring company always pay the fee. We share this question because candidates do not always know the answer and unfortunately, some candidates have shared that they paid a recruiting firm a fee to get them interviews. Sadly, this tactic borders on a scam. 

best practices for a candidate to work with a recruiter?

  •   Be open and honest . We are here to help both parties engage in the process.
  • We encourage candidates to not be the "square peg trying to fit into a round hole." If you do not possess the skills our client seeks, tell us. 
  • Being coy with a recruiter and withholding certain details about ones past professionally or personally (for better or worse) can cause disastrous results. We don't need to hear every detail but sharing the headlines helps. DUI is the most common negative and is NOT a life sentence but every hiring companies rules are different. If we don't know, we can't help.
  • Communication is key and not ghosting anyone in the process. Candidates can have a change of heart or change in circumstance. In either case, ceasing communication is the worse choice of actions. Contact your recruiter and share your decision. We will understand. 

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